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A last-minute addition to my Christmas list

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had surgery

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had surgery Friday to remove two malignant nodules from her left lung. Credit: AP / J. Scott Applewhite

I’m amending my Christmas list.

It’s late, I know. But I really don’t have much on it, and I know you’d like options, and my additions are purely selfless.

Here’s the thing: I’m worried about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The venerable Supreme Court justice had surgery Friday to remove two malignant nodules from her left lung.

The nodules were found during tests in November — tests done after she fractured three ribs in a fall in her office. She’s had previous serious bouts with pancreatic and colon cancer. She’s had a stent planted in a coronary artery. She cracked two ribs in an earlier fall at home.

None of this has slowed her down for long, of course. So far.

And doctors say there is no evidence that this most recent cancer is anywhere else in her body. But there’s no sense taking any chances.

She’s 85. And the nation needs her.

So I’m putting RBG-staying-healthy right at the top of my wish list.

And to that end, I wish that:

  • Her doctors leave no stone (kidney, gall or otherwise) unturned in their care for her.
  • Her driver commandeers one of those presidential tank-cars to ferry her wherever she wants to go.
  • Her personal trainer (yes, she has one) never misses an appointment with her and adheres religiously to a Goldilocks regimen — not too strenuous, not too lax, just right.
  • Her staff hires the best nutritionists in the land, to make sure her body and brain get the best fuel to keep them operating at peak efficiency.
  • Her staff hires an army of assistants to taste her food and beverages before she imbibes.
  • Her staff arranges to have pesticide applicators spray for disease-carrying mosquitoes wherever she travels outdoors.
  • Her staff buys a crate of industrial-strength breathing masks to filter out airborne germs, microbes . . . and pesticides.
  • Her staff purchases one of those old English sedan chairs with the parallel wooden rails front and back, fills it with plenty of plush cushions for her to sit on, stocks it with healthy snacks and a supply of breathing masks in the side pockets, and hires porters to carry her around the office, through the Supreme Court building, at home, and back and forth from her tank-car.
  • Her staff starts a GoFundMe page to pay for it all, if necessary. I’m in. Bigly.

And if you’d like to contribute . . .

Michael Dobie is a member of Newsday’s editorial board.