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Good Morning

Answers to Friday's news quiz

Here are the answers to Friday’s news quiz, which asked you to identify the New York City politician who said, "This is the city of nightlife. I must test the product. I have to be out … We used to be the coolest place on the globe. We’re so damn boring now, man."

The first letters of each clued word spell out: Eric Adams, the NYC mayor-elect.

ELMONT: The Long Island Rail Road officially opened its first new station in nearly 50 years in this community.

RIGHT WHALE: A ban on lobstering in Maine was reinstated in an effort to protect this rare species of oceanic mammals.

INTERIOR: Department of the federal government that held an auction for oil and gas leases on more than 80 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico.

COMMUNION: U.S. Catholic bishops approved a long-awaited document on this rite that did not directly reference President Joe Biden, as many anticipated.

ASTROWORLD: A 9-year-old boy became the 10th person to die from injuries sustained during a crowd surge at this music festival in Houston.

DISNEY: Entertainment giant being sued for allegedly using a designer’s new technology for a "tower ride" in a recently opened blockbuster theme park experience.

APPLE: Tech company that will let consumers make common repairs to its cellphones, and that will open an online store next year with more than 200 parts and tools.

MALCOLM X: Two men found guilty of assassinating this civil rights leader in 1965 had their convictions thrown out in a Manhattan court.

SMOG: Schools and factories were closed in New Delhi, India, and a general lockdown was considered because of this annual menace.

— Michael Dobie @mwdobie