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Leaving the beach? Pick up your trash, please

Sunset at Tobay Beach with Jones Beach tower

Sunset at Tobay Beach with Jones Beach tower in background. Credit: MARIO DILETTO

Each time I go to Tobay Beach, I am appalled at the volume of garbage left behind.

It is easy to see where people were sitting because there will be a cluster of bottles and food wrappers. Personally, I do not understand what is so difficult about throwing out your trash. When leaving the beach, it is impossible not to pass a trash bin.

By leaving trash behind, one is simply saying one is lazy and does not care about the environment. When the tide comes in, the trash left behind gets washed into the ocean where it can endanger sea life, pollute the water, and make swimming less appealing. The beach is not a restaurant: There is no one to clean up your spot when you leave. If someone walked by your home and dumped his or her trash on your lawn, you would be upset. When you leave your trash on the beach, you are essentially doing the same thing.

What’s more, the Town of Oyster Bay can do more to correct this issue. There are parts of the beach that only have one trash can, located by the exit. But there should be several of them spread out near the dunes. The lack of trash cans makes it harder for people who are lazy to dispose of their trash because now they have to walk farther to find a garbage can. Additionally, adding more trash bins and recycling bins would hopefully spur more people to throw out their trash. I have seen bins at Tobay Beach overflowing with trash because it has not been collected. By not having more collections, the trash just blows right back onto the sand.

Clearly, the town can do more to keep the beach cleaner. Doing so, would not only make the beach more attractive to visitors, but safer for the wildlife, too.

Kate Cimino of Hicksville is a rising sophomore at Adelphi University, where she is majoring in both environmental studies and sociology, with a minor in criminal justice.