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Designate a national Health Care Providers Day

One way to honor our health care workers

One way to honor our health care workers would be to designate an official national Health Care Providers Day Credit: Istock

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This country has a history of honoring individuals, groups and causes that have played a role in helping make this country what it is today. It has done this by setting aside a national day in their honor. Some examples are: Memorial Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, Veterans Day and Secretaries Day. Recently, this country has been privileged to witness the brave and heroic actions of our health care providers as they combat the effects of COVID-19.

To honor their significant efforts and dedication, our political leaders should designate a national Health Care Providers Day. Doing so would be a fitting tribute to all those who are playing a role in fighting this dreaded pandemic. It would also serve as a reminder to future generations of Americans that, working together, we as a nation can overcome adversity.

Bob Kersch,

Great River

Not taking anything for granted

It was my birthday the other day. I had front-row seats to see Elton John’s Farewell Tour at NYCB Live Nassau Coliseum. Of course, the concert was canceled. Instead, I stayed at home with relatives. My kids sent over a great dinner from a Massapequa restaurant and then a birthday cake was delivered. I FaceTimed with my kids and grandkids and shared texts and Facebook posts with family and friends.

I realized that even though I was quarantined at home, I have many important people in my life I rarely speak to, write to, or get together with. They all sent birthday messages, and I smiled reading each.

Yet, we still need to get food, hand sanitizer and toilet paper during these trying times. We have innovated and created ways to entertain ourselves and our kids. I watch TV and movies, do cleaning and walk our dogs. I read the newspapers, and all of the obituaries, and watch the governor and president’s daily briefings.

When things get to the “new normal,” I know I will never take anything or anyone for granted again. I will try to use my time more wisely and stay more connected to friends and family.

Jackie Ehrlich,


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