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We should forgive college debt for health care workers

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A plan for college debt forgiveness should be created for all those involved in caring for those with the coronavirus. Advanced education should be rewarded for those on the front lines.

David Lean,

Franklin Square

After the 1929 stock market crash, the federal government put into place safety measures to ensure that nothing of that magnitude would happen again. In my school years of the 1950s and ’60s, during the Cold War, we had drills and special alarm bells to warn us of a nuclear attack. We practiced actions if there were an attack; we had bunkers in churches, apartment houses and school basements. They may not have saved us, but we were as prepared as we could be. Now, we are more advanced, yet we are less prepared than we were 50 years ago. Only after events like the attacks at Columbine High School and in Parkland, Florida, do some schools have procedures for students if there is an attack. We had a pandemic in 1918, yet we and the world have had no obvious plan or procedures in place. The question we all should ask is, “Why?”

Paul Spina,


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to start an investigation into how President Donald Trump and his administration have handled the COVID-19 pandemic. I was appalled that it is even being considered and that precious federal funds will be wasted on another fruitless investigation. These resources should be directed to citizens in need and not toward another attempt to attack the president. This is not the time for finger-pointing but a time to pull together as a nation, regardless of political affiliation. We need to survive this not only biologically but economically, as well. Implore your congressional representatives to not waste government resources that our unemployed citizens and failing small businesses desperately need. If the nation is not pleased with how the pandemic has been handled nationally, vote against Trump in November.

Suzanne Wilson,

Lake Grove

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