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Good Morning

Heads up: Don't miss special-district elections on Tuesday

Voting on Long Island.

Voting on Long Island. Credit: Instagram: @pxwhittle

Long Island's crowded election dance card has another big event on Tuesday -- elections for commissioners in 157 special districts. Given its timing after the big Election Day in November and in the midst of the holiday season, the date is easy to miss. But you should pay attention.

Commissioners in these fire, water, sanitation and park districts craft budgets that spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars every year -- more than $300 million by fire districts alone. The common election date for these districts came from state legislation mandating more transparency after a Newsday series in 2005 detailed excessive and unaccountable spending in some districts.

The Long Island Index website can tell you which of your districts is holding an election. Use it, then vote.

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