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Donald Trump has a thing for the LIE

Donald Trump talks about the LIE

Donald Trump says many startling things on the campaign trail, but it still comes as surprise that the Long Island Expressway shows up as a punch line in some of his speeches.

When the GOP presidential candidate gets into his motivational mode, Trump tells a story about making your own luck through hard work.

Then he digresses into how someone he knows is “totally injury prone,” someone so unlucky that he is coming home from the hospital when an 18-wheeler tractor trailer hits an LIE exit sign – To NYC, 10 miles— and crashes into this person’s car.

He told the story earlier this month in Mississippi and then again this morning in De Pere, Wisconsin.  

But each time, he gets a laugh when he describes the LIE as “the longest parking lot in the world … because it is so crowded.”  

Who knew Trump commuted by land?  

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