Good Evening
Good Evening

Dreams and wishes for 2010

As the new year begins, the immediate impulse is to make ambitious resolutions. We look back and, more important, ahead. Allow us to add some of our wishes and dreams for 2010:

For all of us: Turn the focus, even briefly, from the gloom of the economy to the glory of family and friends. Find reasons for gratitude. There are plenty around us, even in a harsh recession.

For the political class: Make new friends and allies, end the pointless and partisan feuds, consider intelligent and effective compromise.

For our overweight school and special districts: Consider starting a long-term, healthful diet to shed some layers of bureaucracy, and look for a new menu to share services.

For our news makers and news media: Start a civil conversation to inform citizens and provide insight about the critical choices that confront us all.

For 20-and 30-somethings pondering flight from Long Island: Please don't. We really need you here. You're our future.

For our seniors: Stay engaged and share your wisdom. You're an important part of the present.

For those who seek more economic development: Light up the Lighthouse in Uniondale; pump up the Heartland in Brentwood.

For drivers: Put down the cell phone, ignore the Bluetooth, and try driving without distractions.

For Jets fans: Be of stout heart.

And dare we imagine a Fall Classic that's all Autumn in New York?

Happy New Year, Long Island. hN