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Editorial: A better path to job skills

Expert weighs in on high school students graduation

Expert weighs in on high school students graduation early and what it means to colleges and universities. Credit: iStock

One thing teachers, parents and students can agree on is that education isn't a "one size fits all" endeavor. The path to diplomas shouldn't be, either.

Monday, the state Board of Regents voted on an "alternative pathways" plan that, among its provisions, would allow students to waive taking one of two Regents exams -- U.S. history or global history -- in exchange for completing a sequence of technical or occupational courses that culminate in a practical-skills test. Students would still be required to take both global and U.S. history courses, as well as Regents exams in math, English and science.

The plan would enable young people to follow their interests toward valuable skills. It was smart of the Regents to approve the change.