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EDITORIAL: Airport scans are a reasonable precaution

Despite uproars about Transportation Security Administration scanners, they're reasonable, if not ideal, procedures to submit to in today's world.

The U.S. chooses to use physical screening of travelers as one way of combating terrorism. Whether this is the best method is debatable, but it's certainly a defensible strategy. Those who don't wish to be scanned can instead be patted down.

Two kinds of machines are used for the scans. One involves no radiation at all, the other would have to be used on a person about 125,000 times in a year before being a cause for worry. The American College of Radiology and the American Cancer Society agree there is no medical threat.

And the worker who sees the scans, working remotely, never sees the actual people.

A California man who refused both procedures recently gained attention and may face an $11,000 fine.

He was wrong.

We can accept the scan, or opt for the pat-down, but we can't pretend the screening isn't reasonable, or allow anyone to evade it. hN