Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

EDITORIAL: Newsday's endorsement in the 20th Assembly District

Democrat Harvey Weisenberg, who's spent 21 years in the Assembly, almost seems surprised that anyone would dare run against him. The 76-year-old from Long Beach beat back a primary challenge from former Nassau Legis. Jeff Toback, and now he faces Republican Joshua Wanderer. Weisenberg's mantra appears to be that change comes from experience, not from new people.

Wanderer, 45, of Lawrence, is a tax attorney - a worthwhile skill set, given the complexity of the state's tax code. He cites the crushing tax burden in New York as a top priority. He's also made a study of the numbers behind school aid and, by comparing school-lunch reimbursement rates to make the case for poorer districts on Long Island, offers a more sophisticated fair-share argument than is usually heard.

Weisenberg is certainly passionate in his efforts to deliver for the disabled. But his ferocious defense of the status quo in Albany is troubling - and tone deaf.

Newsday endorses Wanderer.