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Good Morning

EDITORIAL: Newsday's endorsement in the 4th State Assembly District

Democrat Steven Englebright considers it his mission to protect New York's state parks. He's done it well and for that alone, his return to the Assembly for a 10th term is warranted.

As committee chair on tourism, parks, arts and sports development, Englebright fought ill-advised budget cuts by the governor that would have limited park access.

And as the only geologist in the legislature, Englebright, 64, of Setauket, will play a key role in developing the laws governing the drilling for natural gas in shale deposits upstate.

Republican Deborah McKee, 54, of Mount Sinai, is a civilian dispatcher for the Suffolk County police department. She wants lower taxes and more school aid. McKee is a newcomer, but she still needs to provide solid ideas on how to make those things happen. McKee is right to oppose the MTA payroll tax, but Englebright voted against it.

Englebright has pushed the ruling city Democrats to pay attention to the suburbs. We need him to keep doing it.

Newsday endorses Englebright.