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EDITORIAL: NFL should go for the cold

The NFL should go for the extra point. Take the risk, expose the 2014 Super Bowl to the elements - and in return be rewarded with a town and fans that can throw a party.

The big play of the Super Bowl pre-game show is today at the National Football League's annual meeting, when the decision will be made to hold the championship either in the cold outskirts of the exciting Big Apple, the sunny confines of timid Tampa or the long-shot South Florida.

Ski hats vs. short sleeves. If the NFL owners select the Meadowlands Stadium, it will be the first game in an open arena in a cold-weather location in more than four decades. While the NFL has insisted on warm sites, it's stuck because it usually kicks the lucrative Super Bowl to new stadiums as a way of encouraging owners to update their facilities. The joint bid by the Jets and Giants is calling in that chit.

The average high temperature for the first week of February ranges from 23 to 40 degrees, and snow is a real possibility. If the fans in suits can't take the cold, then let the real football fans with their blankets take their seats.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning says a wild card, such as a blizzard, would make Super Bowl XLVIII more memorable. Well, certainly, more unpredictable. What would make the game more memorable is for the Jets to play the Giants.hN