Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

EDITORIAL: Wyandanch school district's priorities

Just as the school board majority in the ever-contentious Wyandanch school district seems to be on the right track in addressing nepotism and incompetence, the sniping by those out of power starts heating up. Meanwhile, tiles are falling on the heads of students in the high school. Enough.

Running the district needs to be about the children: the quality of their education and the safety of their environment. Not an unseemly scrum over jobs. Not maneuvering to keep in place an interim superintendent who appears to have missed deadlines for millions of dollars in state aid.

The school board worked for months with the community and lawyers from Hofstra Law School to write and pass an exemplary new policy on nepotism and conflicts of interest. That's a good first step toward respectability. Now, the majority of the board must decide, solely on the merits, whether it's in the best interest of the district to return the interim superintendent to her previous post as a middle school principal.

This week could be crucial for Wyandanch. Starting today, the state's Board of Regents is expected to work on a range of intervention strategies to guide state school officials on how to help struggling districts like Wyandanch. That would be useful. On Thursday, residents should turn out to vote for a $750,000 proposal to fix the high school's leaky roof.

The children deserve a better education, but they won't get it as long as the "adults" keep acting like kids. hN