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A considerate move for Brentwood

Roberto Clemente Park remained closed as air monitors

Roberto Clemente Park remained closed as air monitors were installed May 9, 2014. Islip Town officials were told as early as November 2013 that dumping on a large scale was going on in the park, months after work began to improve soccer fields, Newsday reported May 11. Credit: Randee Daddona

5 -- That's the number of small neighborhood parks Islip plans to renovate in Brentwood so residents have places to enjoy while the town cleans up tons of contaminated debris from the illegal dumping at Roberto Clemente Park. It's the right move for the town.

Brentwood residents have asked for these pocket park upgrades for several years. The fix-ups will help mend relations strained long before the dumping scandal broke. But the best thing Islip can do is get Roberto Clemente thoroughly cleaned and reopened ASAP.