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Adopt town budgets before Election Day


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This is the week town supervisors must submit preliminary budgets for 2016. Town boards must adopt them by Nov. 20. That doesn't mean they have to wait until then, or close to it, though many do. And that's wrong -- especially in an election year when a budget vote should be part of every incumbent's record.

On Nov. 3, Long Islanders will vote for nine town supervisors and 32 town board seats. Budget votes should be held before that date, to avoid last year's debacles in Oyster Bay and Islip.

Those town boards approved big tax hikes -- on Nov. 18, with no warning, after tentative budgets contained no tax increases. Oyster Bay did it two years in a row. That's deplorable and disrespectful to taxpayers. Town officials should adopt budgets before Election Day, and have the courage to let voters have the final say.