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Anthony D’Urso to represent New York’s 16th Assembly District

Anthony D'Urso of Port Washington, Democratic incumbent candidate

Anthony D'Urso of Port Washington, Democratic incumbent candidate for the 16th Assembly District. Credit: James Escher

Anthony D’Urso learned a lot in his first term in Albany. And he showed he has good instincts in representing his district and Long Island.

D’Urso, 79, a Port Washington Democrat, co-sponsored a bill to ban 1,4-dioxane from household cleaning products, wants to reduce fertilizer use, and chairs the Assembly’s Long Island Sound Task Force. He supports strong ethics and voting reforms, saying that money must be removed from politics, and voting must be as easy as possible.

A big issue for Republican Byron A. Divins Jr., 47, a Navy veteran and Roslyn attorney, is school safety. He wants armed personnel on every campus and voting taken out of schools. But his agenda is too limited and seems better suited to a school board, which would be a more appropriate place to continue his interest in public service.

Newsday endorses D’Urso.