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Anthony Palumbo to represent New York’s 2nd Assembly District

Anthony Palumbo of New Suffolk, Republican incumbent candidate

Anthony Palumbo of New Suffolk, Republican incumbent candidate for the 2nd Assembly District. Credit: James Escher

Anthony H. Palumbo, 48, boasts a strong record of listening to his constituents and working to take care of his district in his three terms. The New Suffolk Republican fought hard for a $175,000 grant to the North Fork to help provide youth mental health services. Ditto a deal with the state to preserve 875 acres in Shoreham. And he’s a voice for developing housing workers can afford in a district where that can be unpopular.

Democratic candidate Rona Smith, 73, of Greenport, has volunteered in the community for 20 years. She is educated, experienced in finance and has a passion for single-payer health care informed by her son’s death from cancer. But New York can’t establish single-payer alone. And Smith mostly opposes developing new housing for workers, even as she bemoans the difficulty of hiring any locally.

Newsday endorses Palumbo.