Brian Curran’s experience in local government infuses his fine constituent service here and in Albany.

The former Lynbrook mayor is focused on unraveling the Hempstead Town Industrial Development Agency’s bad decision to give a big tax break to the Green Acres shopping mall, which is now costing homeowners in three school districts a bundle of cash. The Republican should go even further and push for legislation that would make these agencies more accountable and put limits on their reach.

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Curran, 47, is a member of the Assembly Ethics Committee long criticized as toothless. While it has jurisdiction to investigate complaints about the conduct of members, such as harassing employees or discrimination, it cannot propose any bills that would change the rules. Still, Curran acknowledges that there is more it can do, including working more closely with other state oversight groups to address member misconduct.

While Curran understands the pressure the tax cap has put on schools and villages, his seeming willingness to make exceptions to it is misguided.

Democrat Travis Bourgeois, 31, of Baldwin, is a paralegal who works for the Nassau County Board of Elections. This is his first run for elected office, and his understanding of complex issues is limited.

Newsday endorses Curran.