Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Bypassing NYC -- a Sound dream

proposed long island sound bridge. Digital Image

proposed long island sound bridge. Digital Image Credit: HANDOUT / Handout

Typically, we use this space to discuss upcoming events -- things happening in the next few weeks. Today, we look much further into the future: We'd like to commend Suffolk County for taking the first small step toward exploring the feasibility of building a bridge or tunnel across Long Island Sound.

Many obstacles lie in the way of this decades-long dream. But it's impossible to argue it would not be great for Long Island. Traveling through New York City is costly and time-consuming. And in an era of increasingly fierce storms, we need alternate ways to get ourselves and our goods on and off the Island.

Of course, by the time such a crossing is built, chances are we'll be sitting in our driverless flying cars wondering why we ever thought we needed bridges or tunnels in the first place. In the meantime, we dream.