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Good Morning

David McDonough to represent New York’s 14th Assembly District

David G. McDonough of North Merrick, Republican incumbent

David G. McDonough of North Merrick, Republican incumbent candidate for the 14th Assembly District. Credit: Peter Frutkoff

Democrat Michael F. Reid and GOP incumbent David G. McDonough, friends and past presidents of the same Kiwanis Club chapter, meet for the second straight time.

McDonough, 81, of North Merrick, has been an effective minority-party member for 17 years. With Democrats, he passed a bill he originated requiring all schools, not just public schools, to report incidents of violence. He supports term limits on leadership positions and wants to limit legislators’ outside income to fight Albany corruption.

Reid, 56, of Merrick, a retired paramedic and chief of staff for State Sen. John Brooks, wants insurance companies to cover more treatment to help fight the opioid crisis, backs several strong ethics reforms and says boosting voter turnout is a key issue. He’s right. But McDonough has delivered for his district.

Newsday endorses McDonough.