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Debra Mule to represent Nassau’s 5th Legislative District

Debra Mule, Democratic candidate for Nassau County's 5th

Debra Mule, Democratic candidate for Nassau County's 5th Legislative District in 2017. Credit: James Escher

Both Democrat Debra Mule and Republican Kathleen Spatz are very active in the 5th District, much like Laura Curran, who vacated this seat to run for county executive.

Mule, 55, is a Freeport Village trustee. Spatz, 65, is the co-president of the South Hempstead Civic Association. Both are players in local revitalization efforts — Mule in downtown Freeport and Spatz in Baldwin. Scaling up to this new job would challenge each candidate. Spatz oversimplifies Nassau’s assessment issue by blaming it on superstorm Sandy and Mule opposes new county fees but has no alternative for generating revenue.

Mule supports an independent inspector general and staffing up the assessment office. She helped streamline Freeport’s budget and police contract, and is keen on infrastructure investment. She’s willing to cross party lines like predecessor Curran.

Newsday endorses Mule.