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Denise Ford to represent Nassau’s 4th Legislative District

Denise Ford, Republican candidate for Nassau County's 4th

Denise Ford, Republican candidate for Nassau County's 4th Legislative District in 2017. Credit: James Escher

Denise Ford, 66, is a registered Democrat and Long Beach resident who has long caucused with the Republican majority.

Ford, seeking an eighth term, has advocated well for her district, especially during recovery from superstorm Sandy. She has strong union support, but is open to reducing costs, including minimum staffing provisions that increase police overtime.

Her challenger is Democrat Jane Fisher, 58, a newcomer to politics who volunteered to run after being disappointed with the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Also of Long Beach, she works for the Nassau County Civil Service Commission and her fervent skepticism about county hiring and contracts is on target.

Ford has a unique political identity, and she should focus on joint solutions to get things done. To show her support for term limits, she could serve one last fruitful term.

Newsday endorses Ford.