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Infrastructure is a win just waiting for President Trump

Traffic on Interstate 287 in White Plains on

Traffic on Interstate 287 in White Plains on Nov. 21, 2012. Credit: Elizabeth Daza

With all the trouble President Donald Trump is facing to repeal and replace Obamacare and sell tax reform, a new AAA report should help remind the man who takes pride in his building prowess that he’s got a huge victory waiting on him if he’d just reach out and grab it: infrastructure.

The study says spending $146 billion on safety would, over two decades, save 63,700 lives and prevent more than 350,000 serious injuries in the United States. And the automobile association says Long Island could really use the upgrades and improvements. Key suggestions include roundabouts, median barriers and guard rails. Sidewalks, pedestrian crossing signals, and widening and paving road shoulders were also stressed, and would make Long Island more walkable and livable.

U.S. engineers say we have $3.6 trillion in total infrastructure needs, of which roadways are a fraction. And Trump has always been on board with a big building spend. He promised a $1 trillion package on the campaign trail that was supposed to be released in his first 100 days in office. Now his administration says a plan should be released this summer. He needs to present it in a way that guarantees passage. That means not trying to link the infrastructure bill to more controversial legislation to force Democrats into a corner.

There is plenty of bipartisan support for an infrastructure plan. Economists agree that improving our roads, bridges, tunnels, rail and other crucial needs would create a lot of high-paying jobs, spurring the economy. And it’s clear that these improvements can save lives.

This is the plan America wants and needs. The support is there. Trump just needs to design the plan and build it. — The editorial board