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Law doesn’t let Lindenhurst limit recordings of public meetings

Lindenhurst residents and school board members are divided

Lindenhurst residents and school board members are divided on whether the board should continue to videotape public meetings. Credit: Alexi Knock

The kerfuffle in Lindenhurst over whether the school board should continue to make video recordings of its public meetings, especially the public comments, and post them online is missing an important fact: Anybody can attend a board meeting, record it and post any part of it online. That’s the nature of a public meeting, and that right is enshrined in state law.

Residents worry their words will be misinterpreted or taken out of context if only portions of their comments are posted. We get it.

But they accept that risk when they stand up to speak.

The board should post recordings of meetings in their entirety — to minimize the risk, and to serve its stated goals to be transparent and to provide information for those unable to attend.

Openness and full disclosure promote accuracy and democracy.

— The editorial board