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Long Island weathered the storm

Matt Bokee, 33, of Calverton, blows the snow

Matt Bokee, 33, of Calverton, blows the snow from his driveway Sunday morning, Jan. 24, 2016. A two-day snowstorm walloped all of Long Island, more than two feet of snow in some areas.

Photo Credit: Newsday/David Schwartz

The weekend’s extraordinary snowstorm was followed Sunday by the kind of sunshiny, gem-clear day that seems to come as a payoff from a sky that’s finished dumping all the fury it can muster. Monday dawns with school delays, closures, lots of sore muscles, and the unfortunate news that the Long Island Rail Road would be unable to provide full service for the morning rush.

Long Island got more than two feet of snow in many areas, a historic storm. But there were no widespread power outages or big municipal failures. An emergency order by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo for motorists to stay off the roads on Saturday was largely followed, letting plows and emergency crews do their work and mostly preventing stranded trains and cars that hampered past efforts. Workers did tough jobs well and earned our thanks. The stress of shoveling snow was said to be a factor in three local fatalities. As we mourn those deaths, we also extend gratitude to every community member who lent a helping hand — or shovel.

Perhaps we have simply gotten better with practice. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says there have been 17 snow emergencies in the years since he and Cuomo took office, and most of us remember some failures to respond effectively. While the LIRR seems to be an outlier, it’s good to know we can learn when to shut down roads and how to follow directions and stay out of the way.

Friday we prepared. Saturday we hunkered down, forced into relaxation by the limitations of the storm. On Sunday we recovered. Monday, most of us are back in our routines, or are getting back to them. All things considered, we weathered this storm well.