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Nassau's ace in the pothole

The towns of Babylon and Islip are getting

The towns of Babylon and Islip are getting help from the state to cover pothole repair after a rough winter. Credit: James Carbone

You know what season we're in, right? Yeah, spring. But we're really talking about that time of year all Long Islanders know and fear: the season of the pothole.

But Nassau County is offering a glimmer of hope in the fight against the wretched craters: a single hotline to route pothole complaints to the appropriate level of government for quicker action. It's a terrific idea.

Many drivers with broken axles, bent rims or jarred bones don't know whether the pothole that just rocked their world is on a village, town, city, county or state road. So they contact the wrong office, are rebuffed and give up in frustration. Now we are promised that by calling one number, 516-571-6900, the complaint will be referred immediately to the correct municipality. That should mean faster repairs. Makes a hole lot of sense. Fill 'em up.