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Kimberly Jean-Pierre to represent New York's 11th Assembly District

Kimberly Jean-Pierre is the Democratic incumbent candidate for

Kimberly Jean-Pierre is the Democratic incumbent candidate for New York State Assembly District 11. Credit: James Escher

After three terms in Albany, Democrat Kimberly Jean-Pierre, 36, of Wheatley Heights, has made the case for a fourth term by her record of providing reliable constituent services while delivering on her legislative agenda. She has sponsored laws requiring boating safety instruction, expanding insurance coverage of mammograms for women age 35 to 39 when medically necessary, and revoking the licenses of real estate brokers who discriminate.

Republican Eugene M. Murray, 60, a retired NYPD sergeant from Amity Harbor, draws on his experience in advocating ways to defuse tensions between police and the community, converting underutilized commercial space into housing and repairing town bulkheads. Murray should consider starting his political career in a run for local office.

Newsday endorses Jean-Pierre.

— The editorial board