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Newsday endorses Kevan Abrahams in Nassau's 1st District

Institutional knowledge. Leader of minority party. Effective thorn

Institutional knowledge. Leader of minority party. Effective thorn in side of majority. Good listener. Lives in Freeport, 12-year incumbent.

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Democrat Kevan M. Abrahams, the minority leader of the legislature since 2011, is seeking his seventh term. Given the deeply partisan ways the legislature is run, where Democrats generally can't get legislation to the floor or even call public hearings, he's done all that could be asked of him. Abrahams, 41, of Freeport, fights for his district and residents.

Republican James C. Major, 52, says his community is neglected, and he seems to hint that a legislator from the district in the majority party could accomplish more.

A housing assistant for the New York City Housing Authority, he wants to bring more jobs and cheaper housing by attracting a manufacturer of pre-fab homes. He supports stronger gun control. Major has lived in Roosevelt his entire life and is a leader of the local Republican club. He knows politics, but Abrahams is accomplished, knowledgeable and has a track record of fighting for the good of the county.

Newsday endorses Abrahams.