William J. Lindsay III came into office two years ago as his father's son. Now he's emerging as his own man.

Like his father, William Lindsay, the former presiding officer, Lindsay III has worked across party lines. The Bohemia Democrat, 43, co-sponsored with Republican Kevin McCaffrey a bill to speed up to Jan. 1 the cost-cutting merger of the treasurer and comptroller offices.

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His opponent, Republican Mary Calamia, 52, of Holbrook, chides Lindsay for Suffolk's budget woes and says convincingly that as a clinical social worker she could trim 5 percent from the Department of Social Services by cutting waste, fraud and abuse. But she is too wary of large developments that could provide housing for young people. That's a priority for Lindsay, who also advocates sewer expansion and is talking to venture capitalists and private equity firms about luring businesses to Long Island and investing in companies that create high-paying jobs.

We like Lindsay's focus on the future and his potential for growth.

Newsday endorses Lindsay.