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Keith Brown to represent New York's 12th Assembly District

Keith Brown is the Republican candidate for New

Keith Brown is the Republican candidate for New York State Assembly District 12. Credit: James Escher

Northport Republican Keith Brown’s profession, attorney, is common in Albany. But his specialties, land-use and zoning, on which he also lectures professionally, have given him an expertise that could improve the legislature’s role in this critical area for Long Island. That’s one of the few ways Republicans can be effective in the Assembly.

Brown, 52, is pragmatic rather than dogmatic and a listener on issues from transit-oriented development to protecting the environment, and he understands the importance of protecting our aquifer and waterways.

When the battle with LIPA over the assessment of the Northport Power Plant was raging he listened and learned, and when the time came, rightly came out in favor of the negotiated deal and the protection it offered his school district and town.

Democrat Michael A. Marcantonio, 33, also a Northport attorney, has built his reputation via his passionate fight against accepting the settlement LIPA offered on the power plant’s taxes. His fire is admirable but his tone, at times, earned him more enemies than friends and the position he supported was recklessly rigid.

Some seasoning could help him develop his ability to build alliances, and temper some views that seem out of touch with his district.

Newsday endorses Brown.

— The editorial board