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Melissa Miller to represent New York's 20th Assembly District

Melissa Miller is the Republican incumbent candidate for

Melissa Miller is the Republican incumbent candidate for New York State Assembly District 20. Credit: James Escher

When Melissa Miller entered the Assembly four years ago, she was a fresh face who cared about accessibility and education, especially as the mom of a special-needs son.

Miller, 56, has a good grasp on her district’s diversity, and its need for better storm preparedness. But she too often falls in line with the Assembly minority on larger issues. The Atlantic Beach Republican says she "never ever" favors tax increases, but also has "no idea" what she’d cut. That’s towing an untenable line.

But Miller’s opponent, Hewlett Democrat Gregory S. Marks, lacks new ideas and experience. Marks, 29, points to a background in public health and pandemics, but has no special skills to offer.

With more courage and independence, Miller could fight for her region and district.

Newsday endorses Miller.

— The editorial board