This was Newsday's first editorial, which appeared in print on September 3, 1940.

Good afternoon!

This is the first edition of Newsday to enter your home. We hope it will be a regular visitor, one you will welcome and enjoy.

We have had several staff conferences to decide just what should be included in our initial editorial. Many suggestions were made. But one was repeated most often and it is, we believe, the most important. That is to explain the name we selected.

Newsday means just what it says. We will give you the news of the day. And we will give it through text, pictures and advertisements.

Newsday not only will be the name of this newspaper -- it will be our slogan as well.

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Publishing a newspaper is a business. Any business, to be successful, must have revenue. Most newspaper revenue comes from advertising. We hope, and so far the result has been gratifying, to obtain such advertising.

However, we do wish to make this point: Our first, second and initial object is to present the news. That is where Newsday is our slogan as well as our name. If we present the news honestly, we know we will have readers. If we have readers it will be profitable for advertisers to use our columns whether they agree with our policy or not.

Our policy and views

Newsday will be an independent newspaper!

Newsday will be a liberal newspaper!

There have been rumors that we would be a Democratic organ, meaning we would line up behind the county Democratic organization. At the present time that is not the case. We are not going to line up behind any county political organization. Our news and editorial policy will not be directed or dominated by advertisers, politicians, pressure groups or friends.

And at this point it might be will to answer one other rumor -- and this is the only time we will refer to the subject. The ownership of Newsday is clearly stated at the top of this column. No one else has any connection with it.

We will be fair

As occasion warrants we will turn this column over to those who wish to present opposing views. This will be carried under the title of "The Squared Circle," and will not be edited by us.

Why a tabloid?

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There is a general impression that tabloids are sensational. According to the dictionary a tabloid means "A daily newspaper of small format, usually one half the size of an ordinary paper, chiefly containing photographs illustrating current events." Webster adds as an afterthought that "Such papers are usually sensational."

However, we still like the tabloid size and don't see why it has to be any more sensational than a standard size paper. We like it because it is a great deal easier to handle and because it gives us a better chance for news, advertising and picture display.

In our format (the general appearance of the paper), we have tried by a larger body type, by two-column heads and by eliminating the column rules (the lines that run between the columns of most papers) to make the paper easier to read.

We hope you are going to like us. We naturally like being in Nassau County. It is our home. We are convinced this county has a bright future and want to share in it. Please send us your criticism and your advice. We will be grateful for both.

P.S. Also for your good wishes.