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On road or rails, consideration is the ticket to a smoother ride

The parade in New York means many Long

The parade in New York means many Long Islanders will want to find their way to Manhattan. The best way to travel on the holiday? Perhaps the LIRR, and the train won't run without conductors. Photo Credit: Newsday / Bill Davis

Mind your manners, mother always said. For far too many, the lesson never took.

This week the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is expanding its "Courtesy Counts" ad campaign, placing in New York City buses the signs that have graced subway cars for the past two months.

Next stop: the Long Island Rail Road.

That's good, because goodness knows, a little courtesy won't fill the $15-billion hole in the MTA's capital budget, but it will go a long way to make trips more pleasant on the nation's busiest commuter railroad.

The placards on city buses and subways remind riders of the do's and don'ts of using public transit. They focus on behaviors that make rides faster and more comfortable -- commonsense stuff that needs to be said because common sense so often is ignored by commuters.

MTA officials say feedback has been positive, but they acknowledge it's too early to tell whether behavior is changing. The crusade comes to the LIRR and Metro-North in the next month or two. The messages will be different, but the transit czars won't reveal any details yet. So allow us to fill the gap and offer a few suggestions.

We get you're upset with your boss, but muffle the cell rage.

Your in-train happy hour makes us sad; put away the booze.

It's not your private car; don't use your backpack/shopping bag/oversized luggage to block someone from sitting next to you.

We endorse good personal hygiene, but take care of it at home.

Face it: As we face rising fares, late trains and crowded cars, mother is right. Manners do matter. Let's all make it easier on ourselves.

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