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Past time for Boy Scouts to end ban on gay scout leaders

The Boy Scouts of America on April 21,

The Boy Scouts of America on April 21, 2014, revoked a Seattle church's charter after inclusion of a gay man as a troop leader. Credit: Getty Images / Tom Pennington

The Boy Scouts of America will have to confront its bigoted national policy of not hiring openly gay people now that its New York chapter has made a gay Eagle Scout a summer camp leader. It should be an easy call for the 105-year-old organization.

Drop the ban.

Hiring Pascal Tessier, the nation's first openly gay adult Scout leader, was a bold move. It's a direct challenge to the policy the national organization adopted in 2013 that allows openly gay youth as Scouts, but not gay adults as leaders. Since then, there has been a dramatic change in public sentiment on gay rights.

The Scout's discriminatory hiring practices are downright antediluvian. The organization should sieze the moment to get on the right side of history.