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Path to unequal treatment

Peter Hawkins, of Malverne, seen near the Tobay

Peter Hawkins, of Malverne, seen near the Tobay Beach bike path on July 16, 2015, regularly works out there with a specially designed three-wheel racing wheelchair. Credit: Steve Pfost

$3.8 million

That was the cost of the bike/pedestrian path from Jones Beach to Tobay Beach. The trail was praised as wheelchair-accessible, but Oyster Bay Town put up a turnstile to let people in but keep bikes out of Tobay. Officials say bikes might hit cars or people in the parking lot -- like the bikes, not the cars, are the problem. Worse, disabled bikers can't get in without a phone call for the combination to a lock on a nearby gate.

That's not equal access as defined by law. Open the turnstile, and tell everyone to be careful.