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Paul Sapienza to represent Nassau’s 3rd Legislative District

Paul Sapienza, Republican candidate for Nassau County's 3rd

Paul Sapienza, Republican candidate for Nassau County's 3rd Legislative District in 2017. Credit: James Escher

Democratic incumbent Carrié Solages faces misdemeanor charges of assaulting his girlfriend after he thought she hid his marijuana. The police complaint filed in June also alleges that he endangered the welfare of a child.

Solages claims the allegations are false, calling himself the “victim of a setup,” adding that his girlfriend was the aggressor, not the victim. He has the presumption of innocence but given the severity of the situation, it might have done Solages, 38, of Elmont, and his district more good if he took time off to straighten things out.

There are other concerns. Solages is mostly focused on Solages — touting as an accomplishment minor works such as writing a letter, and highlighting group successes as his own. He has a reputation for not working well with others, and now is not caucusing with his party. If re-elected, he said he would form his own caucus, putting himself before the good of his district or the county.

Republican Paul Sapienza, 65, owns a third-generation family bakery and is the president of the Elmont Chamber of Commerce. The lifelong Elmont resident understands his community and the need to build up its businesses to revive jobs and serve residents. “I never thought there would be a day I would do something politically,” he says of his first run for office. “But the issues are not about the people anymore but about politics.”

Sapienza supports development around Belmont Park as long as it lifts the surrounding area. In contrast to many in his party, he supports the idea of an independent inspector general. He provides a quiet, intelligent voice at a time when that is exactly what the legislature and his district need.

Newsday endorses Sapienza.