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Vigorously enforce road safety all 52 weeks

Long Islanders registered 3 percent more new cars

Long Islanders registered 3 percent more new cars and trucks in September than a year earlier, a new report shows. Credit: iStock

Attention all New York drivers. For the next few days, you must resist the urge the text, speed, and mercilessly swerve around other motorists while cursing under your breath.

Though once Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's "Speed Week" ends on Tuesday, we hope you will continue to drive safely.

The campaign is the governor's annual crackdown on dangerous driving. State troopers in marked and unmarked vehicles are ramping up vigilance against speeders. They're also looking for distracted or impaired driving, seat belt violations and disregard for the Move Over Law for emergency vehicles. During last August's campaign, more than 10,000 of the 22,000 tickets issued statewide were for speeding. Long Island drivers got 537 of those speeding tickets.

But why dedicate only one week to going after drivers who put everyone around them at risk? Let's keep up the intensity for the other 51 weeks. There were 352 people killed in speed-related crashes in New York in 2013. There is no evidence that the carnage has ended.

Better that citations, instead of casualties, remind drivers that dangerous road habits can have fatal consequences.