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Sarah Anker to represent Suffolk County’s 6th Legislative District

Sarah Anker, Democratic candidate for Suffolk County's 6th

Sarah Anker, Democratic candidate for Suffolk County's 6th Legislative District, poses for a portrait on May 20, 2015. Credit: James Escher

Sarah Anker is growing on the job, and that’s a reason for growing attention to her contributions.

Anker, 53, a Mount Sinai Democrat, likes to bring people together to attack problems, whether it’s rundown property or the opioid epidemic. Her budget ideas to have all county employees pay part of their health care premiums and to share services with school districts if they use the savings to lower taxes are sensible. As an environmentalist, she should be more supportive of wind and solar energy, but her district knowledge and intense focus on serving its residents are unmatched.

Republican Gary Pollakusky, 41, of Rocky Point, who owns travel and marketing firms, lacks that granular knowledge. His plan to train residents to help police identify and arrest drug dealers is worrisome and his preference for widespread use of sewers to address water quality problems is unrealistic.

Newsday endorses Anker.