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Sincere effort needed at Albany teacher-eval summit

Sally Intreglia, center, a Brentwood teacher, holds a

Sally Intreglia, center, a Brentwood teacher, holds a sign during a rally against Common Core in Hauppauge on Sept. 4, 2014. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Thursday in Albany, a "summit" will be held on the tougher teacher evaluation system passed recently by the State Legislature, but that won't be the only topic. Expect talk about the opt-out movement, too.

School board members, superintendents, principals, teachers and experts have been invited to the meeting. Debate about the new system that will increase the importance of student testing in teacher evaluations is red hot, and there's discussion of putting off a Sept. 1 deadline for school districts to submit their plans if they face "hardship."

But the bigger controversy likely to be addressed, with some parent activists invited, is the movement to opt kids out of standardized tests. Hopefully, people will be as ready to listen as to talk, because the state must find a way to evaluate teachers objectively and test kids successfully.