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Taylor Raynor to represent New York’s 18th Assembly District

Taylor R. Raynor of Hempstead, Democratic candidate for

Taylor R. Raynor of Hempstead, Democratic candidate for the 18th Assembly District. Credit: James Escher

Taylor R. Raynor introduced a new dynamic into this district: presence in the community and an ear open to the voters. It’s worked well for this political newcomer from Hempstead. She stunningly toppled the 30-year imperial rule of Democratic incumbent Earlene Hooper in September’s primary.

Raynor, 34, promises to open three district offices to help constituents better navigate local government. An industrial psychologist, she is well prepared to heal this district of its many divisions.

One of Raynor’s first tasks will be deliver on her pledge to transfer the vacant state armory on Babylon Turnpike to the Village of Freeport. In the new session, she also should get money for streetscape and beautification projects.

Raynor will be a player in negotiating a community benefits package for Uniondale from the developers of the Nassau Hub, and her idea for a recreation center is a good one. In return, she must help deliver state funds for the Hub.

James Lamarre, 42, of Lakeview, owns a commercial cleaning firm and is running to promote Republican values of small government. He lost a 2017 race for the county legislature. His skills are sharp, and his motivation to “help as many people as possible” is admirable. The GOP should nominate him in contests in which he has a chance of winning.

Newsday endorses Raynor.