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Good Morning

Be grateful for the light of Thanksgiving

Credit: ISTOCK

Darkness settles in early this time of year.

It's hard, sometimes, to find a way forward through the cold and gloom. It's even harder when the political winds blow as they do now, generating angry voices, ugly division and uncertainty.

For many, Thanksgiving can provide a respite, a day of light and warmth, of food and family, of calm even at unsettling times. It's a time when hope is found in the generations that come together. This year, Thanksgiving brings with it an even deeper need to reach for the people we love, for the moments that give us joy, for all things for which we are thankful. 

Many Long Islanders can be grateful for their health, homes and families. But others are struggling and don't feel so personally thankful right now. For them, there are economic worries, medical concerns or needs that aren't met by a single day of thanks. The rest of us should be mindful, look out for our less fortunate neighbors and help when we can.

Perhaps, we can take a page from Vinny Proscia, the Ronkonkoma bagel shop worker who drove nearly six hours just to deliver car keys to a customer who was celebrating  an early Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with friends. Imagine if we all experienced such acts of kindness, or even committed to some small  gestures of our own. The more we can lift one another, connect and find ways to brighten others' darkness, the more everyone will have thanks to spread around. 

While passing the stuffing or sweet potatoes, take a moment this Thanksgiving and celebrate smiles, laughter and love.

Then, try to hold on to gratitude a little longer, and carry it forward. — The editorial board