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What's the need for 'cop killer' bullets

Some of the153 guns seized in Brooklyn between

Some of the153 guns seized in Brooklyn between May and December 2014 are put on display as the NYPD announce results of a firearms trafficking investigation on Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014 Credit: Uli Seit

80,000  - That's the enormous number of mostly negative public comments the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives got before backing off a commonsense proposal to ban a type of "cop killer" bullet. Even 291 members of Congress said the rifle rounds, which can pierce a bulletproof vest, should remain available under an exemption for sporting purposes -- even though handguns that fire them are now on the market. If banning the bullets is out, Congress should ban those handguns. Or do we need to wait until the first cop is killed by one?