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Explosive start to the week

An aerial view of Belmont.

An aerial view of Belmont. Credit: File

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Amid the morning’s chaos

The alleged terror attacker near the Port Authority Bus Terminal might have picked the most heavily policed part of New York City.

The white smoke had just wafted up from the subway grates when the cavalry came in. “Within two minutes, there were cops all over the place,” says Ralph Ledesma, just starting his work day as manager of Gourmet New York Marketplace on 43rd Street.

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Mark Chiusano

Talking Point

Kicking and skating around Belmont ideas

The competition to build on the state land at Belmont Park is not only a head-to-head between hockey and soccer.

And it’s not only between the New York Mets, who are working with the New York Islanders, and the New York Yankees, who are working with the NYCFC soccer team.

It’s also a battle between two well-respected real estate juggernauts with deep roots in New York State development — and politics.

That became more clear Sunday, when the two bidders angling to develop Belmont presented their plans at a listening session in Elmont.

At the center of the Islanders’ effort to build a new hockey arena stood Richard Browne, the senior vice president of Sterling Project Development. For the NYCFC proposal to build a new soccer stadium, it was Avi Kollenscher, the senior vice president for The Related Companies.

Sterling, the real estate arm of the company that owns the New York Mets, developed Citi Field and is trying to develop the land surrounding the stadium at Willets Point. Related is developing Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s West Side, and working on the renovation of Penn Station. Both firms have worked closely with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, both are intricately familiar with big development projects, and top executives from both firms have contributed to Cuomo’s 2018 campaign.

So, can we call it even?

Randi F. Marshall

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2017 greeting card buying

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Quick Points

On our minds

  • With the way transitions are going in Nassau County and Hempstead Town, how long before Tony Santino, Ed Mangano and George Maragos try to redefine their own jobs as protected union positions, and Jerry Laricchiuta agrees?
  • The head of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, which won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, says if you’re not comfortable with Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump having nuclear weapons, you’re not comfortable with nuclear weapons. That sounds about right.
  • UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says the women who have accused President Donald Trump of sexual assault and sexual harassment “should be heard” and “we should all be willing to listen.” And she’s still UN ambassador.
  • Some supporters of Ray Moore in the U.S. Senate race in Alabama see a victory by him as pushing back against outsiders who caricature the state as a cultural backwater. And they’re going to do that by electing a man credibly accused of molesting and harassing teenage girls when he was in his 30s?
  • Stony Brook University Professor Patrice Nganang has been arrested in Cameroon and charged with insulting the president. There wouldn’t be any space left in U.S. jails and prisons if that was a crime here.
  • With the increasing scarcity of drugs used in death penalty executions, some states are looking at fentanyl, essentially citing its effectiveness in causing overdose deaths as part of the opioid epidemic. Other effective killers worth considering: binge drinking, fires, ocean capsizement and, you know, guns.
  • Among the many female superheroes at Comic Con at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, did you catch the one known as Super Laura? She has various disguises and specializes in defeating Republicans in Nassau, Hempstead and Riverhead.

Michael Dobie