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Hard to look away from Sheen

Fastball: We're all #losing.

As Charlie Sheen continues to melt down in the public eye, people flock to his Twitter page in record numbers. Sheen's page was the fastest to ever reach a million followers, hitting the milestone in 25 hours and 17 minutes, according to Guinness World Records. He's now at more than 2 million.

The spread of technology and social media has facilitated discussion like never before, allowing ideas, words and images to be shared in efficient ways, pushing innovators into the public eye and even helping revolutions in oppressed nations.

But it also allows us to get up close and personal as Sheen self-destructs. It's a dashboard camera waiting for the big wreck at a NASCAR race. And it says a lot about us.

Sheen doesn't deserve the attention, so it was no surprise he was fired on Monday from his sitcom. His solid acting career has been marred by parties with prostitutes, rampant substance abuse (though he continues to deny having a problem) and incidents of domestic abuse.

Old media have been all over Sheen's story, as with every celebrity wreck. In the landscape of new media, Sheen connects unfiltered. Either way, we still reward the kind of behavior parents urge their children to ignore.

As Sheen says: You've been warned.