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Behind those Peter King ads

When a liberal advocacy group funded by Local 1199 of the Service Employees International Union health care workers and the Greater New York Hospital Association takes out a huge ad to thank GOP Rep. Peter King for his continued opposition to a bill he voted for in the House and cannot vote on in the Senate, you know the debate is getting complicated. featured digital ads and Sunday’s Newsday carried a full-page ad from the Healthcare Education Project organization thanking King for his announced opposition to the Senate’s version of “repeal and replace.” That opposition could get King in hot water with his party, and some voters in his district.

In an interview, King told The Point, “I said when I voted for the AHCA in the House that I had serious questions about it, and if it came back from the Senate without improving, I would vote against it . . . It just did not do enough for pre-existing conditions, and it cut way too much from Medicaid. Now, it seems like they did improve the pre-existing conditions part, but the Medicaid cuts have gotten even worse. A good bill is getting further away, not closer.”

King said what’s being portrayed as an overhaul of our health care system is really just a huge Medicaid cut, and he thinks the effects of such a cut on New York’s residents, hospitals and job market would be disastrous. He said polling shows just over 50 percent of voters in his district want Obamacare repealed and replaced, but only about 30 percent support the current Republican plans.

Those numbers have led King to believe that the answer is bipartisan debate and an overhaul that preserves what needs preserving, like the Medicaid expansion, but fixes what the GOP says ails the system, like the inability to sell insurance across state lines.

King said he heard Friday from the hospital association that the ads saying he has the organization’s back were going to run. The ad lets everyone know the hospitals and the health care workers have his.

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Talking Point

And they’re off!

Monday night marks the unofficial start to the next phase of developing unused land at Belmont Park.

A listening session to be held in Elmont comes as the Empire State Development Corp. finalizes a request for proposals for the property that local officials said could come out by the end of July.

Some constituents aren’t waiting for the listening session to weigh in.

Michaelle Solages told The Point that her State Assembly office has received 80 calls, emails, Facebook messages and other correspondence. Solages said she’s expecting the Elmont Public Library auditorium, which holds 400, to be “pretty packed.” And State Sen. Todd Kaminsky said he’s heard from “a large contingent of Islanders fans,” as well as many community leaders.

The Belmont RFP has drawn significant public attention in recent months as the New York Islanders have expressed interest in building an arena near the track. Whether community members show up in droves Monday night — or it’s mostly Islanders fans decked out in orange and blue — remains to be seen.

Randi F. Marshall

Pencil Point


Make Your Point

Give ’em hell

How hellacious is your commute now that Amtrak repairs are taking out some key tracks at Penn Station?

Take out your phone and go to to record the scene whenever you experience a delay or inconvenience. Or if it’s smooth sailing — perhaps you are on the ferry — tell us that, too.

Think of it as a constructive way to pass the time and channel your anger.

Quick Points


  • Just to be clear: When Donald Trump Jr. referred to statements that “made no sense” and had “no supporting information,” he was referring to a Russian lawyer’s supposed intel on Hillary Clinton. And you thought he was talking about himself.
  • President Donald Trump said that the cybersecurity unit he discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin will protect against election hacking and “many other negative things.” Like what exactly?
  • Political scientists say the week facing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — another sentencing for a Bridgegate conspirator, a Senate hearing for an attorney who represented him in the scandal, fallout from Beachgate (when Christie lounged on a beach closed to the public by the state’s budget crisis) — would crush most politicians. But when your approval rating is 15 percent, you’re already crushed. Which is interesting context for Christie’s two-day gig filling in for WFAN host Mike Francesa, widely viewed as an audition. Because radio is another area where ratings don’t matter even a tiny little bit.
  • Uber has announced it will have flying taxis by 2020. And as a bonus, it won’t cheat the flying drivers out of any money.
  • So Donald Trump Jr. thinks that the fact that compromising information on Hillary Clinton promised by a Kremlin-connected Russian attorney turned out to be baseless absolves him from taking a meeting with the lawyer? Even as he called the info “potentially helpful”?
  • Former President Barack Obama is headlining a Democratic fundraiser this week as part of an effort to “build the bench” for the party. After eight years, now he’s going to try?
  • The U.S. Women’s Open golf tournament is being held this week at Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey, and the president plans to attend. It’s birdies vs. tweets. Who do you suppose is going to win?

Michael Dobie