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Up on the Board: Immigrants on probation, caffeinated gum and Obama on Syria

In this Feb. 1, 2012, file photo President

In this Feb. 1, 2012, file photo President Barack Obama speaks in Falls Church, Va. Credit: AP

To make immigration reform more palatable to those who call it amnesty, there’s a bipartisan proposal being floated in the House of Representatives. Undocumented immigrants would have to plead guilty to a misdemeanor in federal court and serve some time on probation. The editorial board is wary of flooding the court system with this burden. We’re watching the issue to see if it gains support, but we’re not going to write about it at this time.

Internet sales taxes, products that contain caffeine and the ongoing financial distress of Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn are also of interest today.

We’re planning at this time to write on the caffeine issue. The FDA says it wants to look at caffeine’s impact on kids after Wrigley gum introduced a new Alert Energy Caffeine Gum. Does it make sense to label products with how much caffeine they contain? Don’t different people have different levels of tolerance?

We broke from our discussion at 10:50 a.m. to listen to a few minutes of President Barack Obama’s address on Syria. He must have read today's editorial, in which we urged the United States not to intervene.

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