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Introducing a new way to interact with Newsday Opinion

Newsday's opinion pages seek to be a reasoned and pragmatic forum for Long Island and its values. Today we launch a new interactive feature to further the mission we first described in 1940.

In print, our editorials, columns, op-eds and letters to the editor give voice to Long Islanders' opinions about politics, policy and life on Long Island. Our new feature, Take the Podium, will offer Long Islanders a way to take part in substantive discussion.

Take the Podium will pose questions critical to the region's future and invite users to respond. In this moderated forum, we will post your responses as well as those from invited experts, public figures and Newsday's editorial board. To elevate the level of conversation, users will post with their real names and all comments will be reviewed before they appear. We welcome responses from all points of view and look forward to a discussion that is heated, but free of personal attacks, profanity and SHOUTING.

Our first topic asks whether it is fair for the government to buy out Sandy-damaged coastal homes. We want you to tell us why you think taxpayer dollars should or shouldn’t be used to encourage homeowners to leave the shore. For the second and all future conversations, we turn to you for suggestions and ideas.

We are excited about our digital town hall and look forward to a vibrant, engaging and substantive conversation.

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