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Up on the Board: Jason Collins, One World Trade and Syria's chemical weapons

In a Sports Illustrated story, NBA center Jason

In a Sports Illustrated story, NBA center Jason Collins came out, becoming the first openly gay active player in major sports. Credit: Getty Images photo

NBA player Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards announced today that he is gay. The editorial board thinks his public statement will be helpful, because it normalizes the idea that people in all walks of life can be gay -- not just those starring on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” It softens old stereotypes.

The One World Trade Center spire will hit its 1,776-foot destination height very soon, according to officials. The spire was supposed to be completed today but is being delayed because of high winds. The editorial board applauds this important benchmark.

And even though it appears that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons against insurgents – a line President Barack Obama warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against crossing – we think it’s best for the United States to stay out of this fight. We can’t police the world and there’s no public support here for getting involved. However, the editorial board will continue to keep a close eye on Syria.

Republicans in Congress are under pressure from businesses to enact a national sales tax for online purchases. The editorial board is looking into the details, in search of a fair position.

Finally, the extra money the MTA has received from the state budget should go to restore service cuts. Transit Workers Union members want the money for salary increases.

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