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Joe Mondello and Jay Jacobs: Who's the boss?

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, left, speaks with

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, left, speaks with Nassau County Republican Party Chairman Joseph Mondello during the New York State Republican Party Delegation's breakfast in August 2012 at the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort in Clearwater, Fla. Credit: Newsday, 2012 / Thomas A. Ferrara

Who’s the boss? Apparently not Joseph Mondello, the Nassau County Republican Committee chairman who wrote in to Newsday last week to protest being referred to in a news story as a “GOP boss.”

Mondello complained that his Democratic counterpart, Jay Jacobs, is more often described as “Democratic Chairman” or sometimes “Democratic leader.” The appellations reveal a Newsday bias in favor of Democrats, Mondello claimed.

But Jacobs couldn’t leave it at that and sent Newsday a letter of his own. “Far be it for me to make my Republican counterpart feel a bit better, but I can assure him that I am frequently referred to in Newsday articles and even headlines as ‘Democratic Boss,’ " Jacobs wrote. "Given our positions, Joe and I should both be grateful that if and when we are referred to at all, the worst we're called is 'Boss.' I can assure him that outside the pages of Newsday, others are using far less flattering titles to refer to the both of us.”